Smoothies are your friend

That actually sounds really good right now.

Don’t die

I’m trying not to, but I also just got really hungry.

This is not my night.

My throat and back hurt

send help

Title: Red Nose
Artist: Sage The Gemini

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Red Nose - Sage The Gemini

Such a sweet pussy.

penonpiper whispered: I'm offended you haven't come to say hi yet.


I’m also half asleep and rapping very loud.

Love me.

You told me to

You will regret touching the food.

I’m about to eat it myself in a minute.

Don’t touch my food.

Don’t, stop that.

I thought ginger ale was going to help, but I feel like a cow. Take all the food away from me.

Well don’t do that.

I’m eating again, I’m going to explode.